In addition to our own import operation, we supply all the required services to our costumers.

Product scouting, producing and locating
Locating products according to market needs:
We seek for manufacturers from all over the world or produce for you by our selfs.

Quality assurance
Check and verifying manufacturer’s regarding regulations.

Deal Negotiation
Price, terms according to market’s demands. regulation and client’s needs.

Labeling, design & packaging
building the product's perception for the desired target group.

Import Licenses
we working close with the authorities to ensure that all will be done according to the existing regulations.

Kosher certification
We have outstanding knowledge of the Kosher process and and accompany you til the product is with "kosher" certified.
Import, shipping & transportation

We handle all issues related to import and take care of land-, and sea transportation matters (end to end delivery).

Over 10 years experiance in distribution and 20 years of experience in the food business.